The Unsettling of American (10/28)

-the only way to avoid this exploitation is to “succeed in life” 4-5
This statement really describes our nation as a whole at this current time and in the past as well.
The Native Americans and current farmers are in very similar situations…they were and are not seen as people that can succeed, so they are exploited.
This description is one that I do not like to use because it places all people in only two categories but unfortunately is they way that things currently are.
nurturers v. exploiters: society is divided into conquerors and victims; the nurturers care for the earth and aim for quality in the things they do and produce, while the exploiters seek to destroy them and are interested only in their corporations and increasing profit and production; the exploiters thus have no stake in the health of the land, and thus soil fertility declines”7-10
This is a very sad way of life because it cancels out a large number of hard working caring people.
Specialists- The US now has a specialist for everything imaginable. Specialists are looked at as the people to go to when there is a problem..but when will people know that they must look at themselves first?

“since the end of WWII there has been a rapid increase in mechanization, with many societal consequences; since this time, the market for minor products has vanished; diversified small local farms have gone under,small farms are abandoned and left to deteriorate”40
Machines, money, and germs now seem to be what the agriculture business is shaping into. Machines are supplied so that physical labor is not as needed. The companies that can supply or have the most money can control the greater population that is buying this food and with this comes faster production, chemicals, GERMS.
The “farms” of today take people out of the equation and make them believe that they do not need to be connected with what they are eating and how they were able to acquire it. Food is becoming a business and is one that is dangerous.

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