Red (9/16)

“whether its over cows grazing on public lands, water rights, nuclear waste dumps in the desert, the creation of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument of the designation of wilderness. This territory is not neutral”3
From the beginning is becomes clear that there is no in between for Terry Tempest Williams.
“There are moments when I long for the canopy and cover of a forest to hide in”5 If the destruction of natural areas continues this is going to be the feeling that a lot of people may suffer from and clearly already do.
-The desert is no place to become comfortable in though according to Williams with temps reaching well into the hundreds. It is a battle of public and private lands. The more and more public lands become…or private…the less we are going to be able experience in nature.
The description of the coyote and his life depending on the desert is a real connection with every other life form that is there as well.
-Very ironic that at the time of the mountain lion description there was one seen.
36-The end of the woman’s time to herself in the desert-this really demonstrated how powerful the wild can be.
The burying of the poems I thought was an attempt at mocking the locals and a lack of respect. And it raised the question..protect the environment by any means necessary.
“If the land is destroyed, it will become and permanently remain a memory”
Can preservation such as that done by clinton and gore really help? It is becoming a controlled area and one that can not be crossed into unless instructed.

I really feel that throughout the book Terry is really trying to show that everything, regardless of size or matter, has a meaning and a connection to the land.
“Is it possible to make aliving by simply watching light?”141
This is the question asked in ODE to slowness. The lights in the sky of these western lands are something that can only be appreciated by those who have actually seen it. Leaving the city and seeing these lights for the first time take some getting used to but after a time are something that you don’t want to be without.

Everything in this area is some how connected to us and should be left for others to see and appreciate as well while at the same time leaving everything as it was when you arrived.

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