Meadowlands (9/2)

Robert Sullivan begins with a description of what seems to be a remote area that is undisturbed.

“When I leave the bus, I will often head for the towns around the edges of the swamp or for ancient industrial sites that are now rusting and fading away”14.
“Americas first west”14
“The city and its environs are bursting at its seams” “The Meadows must go”17
“Meadowlands as a new kind of place, neither urban nor suburban”17
An description really helps to form a visual of the Meadowlands-“rusting auto bodies, demolition rubble, industrial oil slicks and cattails merge in unholy sinking union”18
The contents in the Meadowlands continues to grow worse and worse throughout the book-“farmers would wash swill off their fields with fire hoses and that the adjacent meadows in turn became sopped with swill and manure”28
Snake Hill and the Meadowlands were once a place that was seen as wild and untapped but is now a place of pollution and filth.
As described by Sullivan it used to contain fields of various flowers and plant life and was a very visually attractive area.
The shoe industry really seemed to be one the first businesses to put out a large amount of waste from leather into the meadowlands.44
It soon became a place of toxins-“the four new antennae were each four hundred feet tall and buried in the marsh beneath each one were radial antennae, each of those jutting from the base of the tower every three degrees like the spokes of a submerged bicycle wheel”61
After the pollution increased the Meadowlands seemed to become a place that was hidden from the public or at least an attempt was made to do so.The walden swamp numbers I thought were so high that it would clearly deter people from exploring the area and therefore keep in covered up.
The valleys of garbage hills are very descriptive and give plenty of evidence as to why the mosquito problem was very severe in the area. The meadowlands is a place that was created by humans and turned out to be a place that produced various insects/toxins etc that are life threatening to people.
“In Newark alone, hundreds of people died every year from the disease from the swamp”111
The meadowlands also contains countless bodies that have been dumped and left to rot. It seems that the Meadowlands is a place that is only respected by a few and abused by many

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