How to be Idle (10/21)

Is it ok to be lazy?
Are there really that many people out there that practice this life of idleness?

I thought that the work by Hodgkinson was very well written and at times I found myself laughing out loud, mostly because I could relate to exactly what he was describing.
Waking up is hard to do- The alarm clock scenario was very funny and very familiar.
“Not only is early rising totally unnatural but I would argue also that lying in bed half-awake is positively beneficial to health and happiness”9
fast food industry-“the production of food has been industrialized and deskilled in the same way that the production of cloth was industrialized in the nineteenth century”23 This description which can be applied to anywhere in the US shows exactly why people are not excited to wake up and start their day. There is not a lot to look forward to.
“Idleness as a waste of time is a damaging notion put about by its spiritually vacant enemies” 33
It seems that some of the most creative people in the world are labeled as lazy or idle
-Why not take a break and have some “me time” in the middle of the day
-The Hangover- as described in the book, this is the time regardless of whether its from the night before or just an early morning, the hangover is inevitable.
“I have a vague notion that once upon a time, not so long ago, lunch was a meal to be enjoyed”58
with the production and expansion of fast food and short lunch hours, lunch has become a lost art form. There doesn’t seem to be very many places of people for that matter that allow for a sit down home made lunch.
As the day passes and the nap occurs and then tea you hit the “ramble” at this time everything seems to become a blur and you find yourself slowly walking and losing thought.
“The cocktail symbolises a well-being of the spirit”112
Fishing, Home, The Pub, Sex,
does it all just run together? At the end of this book I found myself wondering whether or not idleness is a good thing…..yes it does feel good to be lazy, but it doesn’t feel good to go through the same steps each and every day. This was a very interesting and in my opinion kind of thought provoking book.

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