Desert Solitaire (9/9)

In Abbeys work, he describes the notion that everyone has their own special place.
In his book he gives detailed descriptions on the desert and the area that he loves.
“Loveliest of shrubs the cliffrose now
Is hung with bloom along the bough…”28
It seems that the description of the weekly job is something that abbey would never want to change and really enjoys.49-51
I think that having a job such as Abbey describes would really take a special kind of person. They would have to love the land they were on and be able to handle all of the elements as well.

Abbey also discusses the current “views” on national parks
They are designed so that people can feel like they are in the true outdoors and away from civilization. This may work for some but doesn’t seem to be the right thing to do. It will eventually make every remote and wild place something of the past.
1. Ban cars in the parks
2. Place a moratorium on roads
3. Put park rangers to better use
Although these are great suggestions, would they every be possible? It seems that more and more parks are becoming adaptive to this way of tourism.

As tourism continues to grow it seems that there is no bright future for remote desert areas and all parks for that matter.

“The wilderness should be preserved for political reasons”163 but what is the real value to political leaders?

“Most of my wandering in the desert I’ve done alone”251
I personally think that in order to really appreciate and enjoy nature, one must go out on their own. Its the personal connections you make with wild animals, plants etc. that really shape your appreciation for nature which is why I think Abbey is so passionate about the desert.

But with this comes population growth and the more and more people that want to explore remote areas, the less remote it will become. This is a very difficult subject because it doesn’t seem that there is going to be a turn around any time soon.

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