Town Hall Meeting

It was an interesting scenario. I believe that Joe and the gang (the board) had seemed predisposed to reject the idea of developing around perkins, since they are citizens of delaware and probably have alot more respect for the town and its characters, such as the historical Perkins observatory. Nevertheless, if one was to be completely unbiased and unmindful of the towns people, developing there does not really sound like the best idea unless ofcourse, you’re in need to make money, which developing along 23 provides for. Its not the best idea because of the watersheds, perkins (obviously), and if you saw the “mixed development”, than you saw just how un-special it was. The developers grandiose ideas of tradtion and beauty and passion in their plans seemed a little buttered up, to say the least. the pictures that they showed of similar mixed developments were of very poor examples of office buildings and franchises mixed together in the very ugly plot of polaris, and who could blame residents for not wanting to merely look at these things. I could not imagine how they could possibly resolve an issue such as this one. I believe that we will see the vast majority in protection for the land and perkins, and that the developers will be granted extreme limitation as for what they can actually do with their original plans, and will most likely (and hopefully) be forced to abandon the idea all together and revise for a completely different location. I suppose we may see proposals on both sides for the relocation of perkins, since its history and required conditions call for a large and  protected area of land, in which case the relocation by the developers may be one way to resolve the issue all together. the fact of the matter, and it seemed quite clear at the meeting, is that the development and perkins can definitely not coexist in the same area.

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