Reducing Food Waste: Sour Milk

For this week’s catch-all current events/show and tell, I decided on a dairy-related topic. Several others were considering food themed events for this week, and national dairy month in June was, after all, only three months ago. I discovered a neat article about a “shrinking milk jug” that is designed to increase the longevity of milk once it has been opened and placed in the refrigerator. One of the key reasons that milk goes bad is its exposure to air, which promotes faster bacterial growth. The shrinking jug is designed to be compressed from the top down, thus forcing air out and keeping the milk fresher for up to a week longer, according to the inventor.

fresh-milk-jug-2Also, while I’m on the tangent of sour milk, what can you do if it’s too late, that is if your milk has already gone bad. There is a long list of uses for sour milk. Here are a few. Among other things, sour milk can be turned into cottage cheese, baked into cookies, muffins, and other goods, as well as fermented with yeast.

If you have a lot of extra milk sitting around, you can also turn it into yogurt. The only materials needed are milk and a couple of tablespoons of existing yogurt or bacteria culture to use as a starter. Essentially, the milk is heated to about 180-200 degrees F, while the yogurt is warmed. Then, the milk is cooled and the yogurt is added. This is allowed to incubate for a period of time, generally at around 100 degrees F. The recipe above is only one of many that can be found online. I plan to try making yogurt this weekend, so I’ll keep everyone updated.

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