Show and Tell

E30 CutawayWhile trying to find something that interests me and is connected to the environment my first thought was my car. I know, I know, I’ll probably flog the same old dead horse many more times this semester, but I believe that automobiles are one of the worst contributors to degradation of the environment, while being one of the easiest things to change. While thinking of my car I thought back to an article I read on correlation. One of the correlations the article drew (which it dismissed as insignificant) was between the average weight of a European and the percent of cars in Europe with standard transmissions. They then compared this to the average weight of an American and the percent of cars in the U.S. with standard transmissions. Needless to say, it seemed like the way to stay thin was to buy yourself a car with a standard transmission. Anyway, this got me thinking about which type of transmission got better gas mileage. After a little digging I found this article.

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