The Scioto River

Scioto RiverThis Saturday, I had the opportunity to participate in the Scioto River Sweep. Early on Saturday morning, groups from Ohio Wesleyan and the Delaware community got into canoes to paddle down the river while removing trash and other debris along the shore and in the water. It’s always interesting to see who will find the coolest items–from tractor tires and Depression-era bottles to sunken canoes, lawn chairs, and bicycles. This year, there wasn’t as much trash as there has been previously, so I had a good chance to appreciate the tranquility of the river in the morning. I like the above picture because the water looks so chocolatey and the vegetation so widespread and vibrantly green. I had a great time with the other two people in my canoe pretending we were explorers or pioneers. We hd a few run-ins with another canoe of French fur-traders. It was really invigorating to get up early and out into nature on a Saturday morning. It’s weird that this picture was taken in the middle of a densely cultivated agriculture region. This one snapshot seems almost devoid of human impacts, which is ironic because in years past there have been over 100 tires and tons of trash from this location. In this way, the human impact is hidden, but strikingly obvious upon closer examination.

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