Reading: Desert Solitaire

The Organ at Arches National Park, UtahWhen I picked up Desert Solitaire I immediately recognized the area which Abbey was describing. Having visited Arches National Park and viewed the same formations I know well some of the same feelings which Abbey talks of. Abbey’s style of writing reminds me of Sullivan’s The Meadowlands, slightly confusing to follow and very obviously more akin to a brainstorm put on paper, for example “Glimpses of weird humps of pale rock on either side, like petrified elephants, dinosaurs, stone age hobgoblins.” (Abbey,2).

After reading Desert Solitaire and being confused by Abbey’s apparently hypocritical statements, I decided to poke around a bit and see what I could find on him, see what kind of man he was. I found this, an essay by Wendel Berry entitled “A Few Words in Favor of Edward Abbey.” I immediately knew I had found something worth reading. The essay is stuck somewhere between being an apology to all for the man known as Edward Abbey and a slap in the face essentially saying “deal with it.”

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