About Me: Selby Majewski

August 26, 2009
Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area

Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area

Hello! I am a senior Pre-Professional Zoology major and Environmental Studies minor.  I grew up in the suburb of Cleveland Heights, Ohio, where I learned the value of community, political involvement, and public schools.  My major career interests are in environmental education and working with animals; I particularly enjoy learning about birds and the great apes.  This summer I lived in Delaware and worked at the Columbus Zoo summer camps.  I enjoy backpacking and led a Spring Break Wilderness Trek last year to Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area in Tennessee.  I’ve also backpacked in New Hampshire, Utah, Ohio and Florida.  I enjoy cooking, reading, and traveling; my favorite trip so far has been to the Ecuadorian Rainforest and the Galapagos Islands with the Island Biology class.

Introduction to Evan Jerfsten

August 26, 2009

Hey, I’m Evan and I’m a senior Geography major here at Ohio Wesleyan. I was born in Manhattan and moved to Northern New Jersey a year afterward. I went to high school in Glen Rock, NJ. During this time my parents found OWU via an online search engine designed particularly for finding colleges. Figuring they know what’s best for me, this was my college of choice, and here I am now. In March ’09 we moved out of Glen Rock to a 12th floor apartment in Union City, right across the Hudson River from New York. Since this past winter my family has also built a house in Rehoboth, DE and my mom has retired to it. I’m effectively living in 3 US states for the coming year or so, which can be a bit hectic. I’m half Swedish and have been to Sweden about every year to visit family. Like almost any other guy, I like video games and just generally hanging out having an easy-going time. I like to travel and I want to go backpacking through Europe.

More things to worry about

August 26, 2009


A steel wrecking ball came off its cable and rolled down a hill into the middle of a small town in Pennsylvania.

Geog 360 Fall 2009 Blog Updates

August 17, 2009


General updates to the blog for the Fall 2009 version of Geog 360.

These images are not animated: they are static images that illusion your brains.