Introduction: Matthew Jordan

Hello Everyone!

I am a junior from Washington, D.C. majoring in environmental studies and international studies. This  is my second year living in the Tree House, a SLU promoting awareness in the community on environmental and social justice issues. I am very interested in local and sustainable agriculture, and this summer I had the opportunity to work on a small organic farm in Maine. I would love to see more locally grown food in the cafeterias of Ohio Wesleyan. Everyone has to eat, so I think consuming more food from the state and the region is one of the most fundamental steps that can be made to lower one’s carbon footprint.

I am also fascinated by urban planning and the way we design the communities in which we live. I grew up in a walkable/mixed use neighborhood, and this has shaped my desire to see American cities place more emphasis on people rather than the rapid movement of  many cars. My interests include biking, reading, and porch-sitting. I am hoping to study abroad next semester in Geneva, Switzerland.

One Response to Introduction: Matthew Jordan

  1. John Krygier says:

    One project idea: a co-op on campus. Model after the Clintonville Community Co-op. Get OWU to donate space (such as the building on Sandusky next to the Art Museum).

    Or do a project on porches. Really. They sort of indicate a whole different kind of attitude about neighborhood.

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