Hello my name is Becca Kelly…

…and I am a senior Zoology major, environmental Science and History minor here at Ohio Wesleyan. My life has been rooted in Dayton, Ohio, were my mother, father , five siblings and my niece and nephew all reside.  I have known that I wanted to study Zoology since the second grade. My mom still has the paper that I wrote describing that when I grew up I wanted to work at a zoo with all the baby animals. Although I no longer want to work with baby animals, I have turned my love of science, the environment, and teaching, into a potential career path in environmental or science education. One of my favorite ways enjoy the outdoors is in a saddle on the back of a horse. I love to take horses trial riding but also love the competition of the show ring. When I am not riding you can find me watching movies, goofing off with my friends, or chasing after my niece and nephew!

One Response to Hello my name is Becca Kelly…

  1. John Krygier says:

    What do you have against baby animals?

    Project ideas: nature in the movies? enviro education?

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