Ben Connelly and Trent Vanhaitsma

Project Sad- Students Against Driving

1. How can OWU encourage students and faculty members to use vehicles less? a. One of the biggest problems facing the environment is the emissions from motor vehicles. To combat the effects of automobile pollution some have taken measures towards increased efficiency in transportation. This comes in many forms including public transportation and carpooling. OWU is in a position where it can implement similar tools for reducing vehicular emissions. Our project intends to demonstrate that a substantial amount of pollution comes from students and faculty driving around campus. b. By providing alternative transportation, in the form of bicycles, as well as encouraging environmentally friendly driving habits OWU can reduce its omissions. The school size hinders its ability to provide public transportation, buses, but allows for several alternatives, bicycle usage. If OWU can make bicycles available on campus when weather permits students would be less likely to use their cars. Likewise establishing carpool programs for students/faculty that travel greater distances to campus would help our cause. 2. How much students/faculty drive around or to campus? How often do they drive, distance per week? How many bicycles would be used? Would rickshaws be more effective, and who would operate them? What sort of public transportation is available in Delaware? 3. A survey will be conducted through face book, email, and dorm storming. Are there any plans for public transportation in Delaware or OWU? After a semester trial of implementing some system a revaluation needs to be taken by same individuals as before. 4. Number of people who uses bikes and also relate the time the bikes amount. Distance traveled per week before new alternatives versus after.

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