Lawn Story

Like others, I used to work for a landscaping company in high school. That in and of itself was eye-opening; people would come in with an idea of how they wanted their land to look, and it really didn’t matter what nature had put there. We had people importing trees from halfway around the world because they liked the shape of the leaf, or even worse, because they wanted to look richer than their neighbors. Anyways, a lot of the work this company did was corporate contracts. The thing about office park lawns is that they see much less traffic than your typical residential lawn, and fortunately, they aren’t typically as laden with chemicals (at least in my experience). This combination makes them more attractive to small animals, which seems like a good thing. Then they get mowed. I’ll spare the nasty details, but I was unlucky enough to witness from a short distance what happens when you combine an industrial ride-on mower and a rabbit den. Incredibly depressing.

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