The Unsettling of America

In general, I didnt like this book as much as a some of the books we’ve read in the past. Berry’s writing style seems to me like its deeply philosophical.  However, one thing that I thought was interesting was the fact that Berry categorized agricultural energy into the “energy” conversation.  It was interesting because he also later talked about humans and their relationship with the earth and how we “relate” to nature and the earth. I had never thought about biological and agricultural energy as part of the energy cycle, mainly because the major things you hear about energy today is the energy crisis.  It also semi-relates to my geothermal energy project, as he talks about alternative energy sources a little bit.  Another thing I found to be pretty interesting, is that he brings up the fact that despite the possibility that agriculture is capable of a certain amount of independence, our agriculture today is largely dependant on fossil fuels.

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