Response: Berry – The Unsettling of America

In general, Berry’s thesis seems to be that the transition from a localized, agrarian, subsistence based society into a more specialized, analytical and pragmatic society is negative. Berry argues that ‘specialists’ are in general destructive to the environment, due to their inability to create for themselves. He seems to argue endlessly for the exploitation of the little guy by the monolithic government, industry etc. Berry talks a great deal about the dreaming in Washington or among scientists about solution to the worlds energy problems, in a way that suggests that all long term energy solutions are not feasible. He suggest that even with endless solar energy, we will use it solely for destruction. Berry however seems to produces ideals about society that seem equally if not more unfeasible. He seems to argue quite strongly for a communistic society where luxury goods do not exist, people get only what they ‘need’ (to be determined by whom?), which has been tried and failed disastrously, read Wikipedia: Khmer Rouge

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