Project Update

Sorry these posts are so late… I’ve been having trouble with the Internet.

Anyway, Cris Drover and I are going to be teaming up with Bridget Fahey and her NC group Every Second Counts. We’re going to work with electricity on campus. Research will be done (well nothing has been worked out yet, these are just some ideas) to try and figure out how much the light bulbs on campus use, and to try and figure out the amount of energy that would be saved if we switched to Energy Star (or any other energy saving light bulbs). In the end I think that Bridget, Chris, and I are going to organize an event in April focused around the idea of saving energy though switching to energy saving light bulbs, and educating the campus on information relating to this topic. Bridget and I have also discussed the possible idea of getting a stand-still bike that powers a light bulb so that students can actually get a feel for what it is like to have to power up a light bulb.

All of this information isn’t carved in stone yet, but I think it’s along the lines of what we’re thinking.

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