trouble with wilderness/ 7 things reaction

This article provides an interesting viewpoint on wilderness. In class, we defined wilderness as being wild and distinct from the human experience. The article contests that idea by suggesting that the definition of wilderness is a matter of perspective. To the author, we must see wilderness in broader terms than normally. He recognizes that the wold is bigger and encompasses culutre, culture, cities, the natural landscape, the pastoral, and the wild all have a place in his grander image of wilderness. I find his ideas to be logical. After all, creatures do what they need to do to survive in a given environment; human survival meant rising above ‘wilderness’ in a sense. Therefore, though they may have separated from the wilderness as it is defined today, humans have exhibited several fundamental traits that are considered wild and natural.

7 Things Reaction:

I couldn’t have actually defined blog until just recently. At first I was apprehensive about having to rely on my computor skills to get the assignments and turn them in, however I realize now its not so difficult. I would say the best advantage to blogging is that it allows you to track your work directly. I also think that it is  a great way to save paper. I am not sure that the article is correct about the learning benefits of blogging because I find that the best, most moving discussions/ lessons are learned in person.

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