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The Meadowlands

In the book the author talks about how the meadowlands are supposed to be a place for beautiful animals and wildlife to live in. However, the New Jersey meadowlands are the complete opposite to what a real meadowlands should be. Who knows what you can find there? The water is filthy and disgusting and sometimes takes on the color of anti-freeze. Sullivan goes on to talk about the many serious issues surrounding the problem. He says that people should start to pay better attention to nature around cities. Currently these areas are being abused by what is being dumped and flows into the meadowlands. Unfortunately a lot of people take nature for granted when actually they should start to look into ways of preserving the meadowlands.

The Trouble with Wilderness

I thought this article was quite interesting. Cronon went back hundreds of years and talked about many views of the wilderness. Cronon took his wilderness accounts from Willliam Wordsworth, John Muir, and Theodore Roosevelt. Towards the end of the article Cronon talks about how people should look at trees as natural and how these remote areas of land are limited so people should cherish the wilderness instead of using an ax or saw to cut trees down. Even though trees (wilderness) stand apart from humans, they need to realize how trees can help us solve some of the environmental dilemmas today. Not only that but figure out a way people can include city and wilderness as part of home.

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