About: Thomas Kent

Hello. As expected , my name is Thomas. I am a junior here at OWU studying chemistry and physics. I am originally from the small [once] college town of yellow springs, OH. When I am not stuck in the basement of the science center (which is more often than I would prefer), I am usually working or thinking about working on cars. Automobiles have been a passion of mine for many years, from repair to modification and of course, driving. I have found nothing that requires so many different dimensions of care and creativity in execution. After college I hope to go on to graduate school in some form of materials engineering, preferably somewhere with more mountains than Ohio, perhaps the pacific northwest. When I was younger I would take multiple week long trips out to Wyoming during the summer. My father and I would fish and hike in the mountains, camp by the lake. Once I went away to college, every summer and break I began to work and the seemingly infinite amount of time contained in summers vanished, taking with them our long vacations to Jenny Lake. Perhaps after I graduate I will take some time to get back there.

2 Responses to About: Thomas Kent

  1. John Krygier says:

    Put in correct category. JK

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