Lawn People Reaction- Madeline

I found this book to be interesting and frankly, rather disturbing as well. The whole concept of a lawn culture was one that I’d never given a thought to, but once I started thinking about it, it makes so much sense! In my opinion, I used to live across the street from the ultimate “lawn person.” In fact, our family, not one to do much in the way of lawn-care other than a weekly mowing done on Wednesday evenings (not because everyone else mowed on Wednesdays or because the neighbors frequently had Thursday afternoon tea parties but simply because the trash was picked up on Thursday mornings and my dad liked to have the clippings taken away immediately so they wouldn’t start to rot…) even gave this ultimate “lawn person” a nickname. We called him the “incredible working man,” or IWM for short. The word “working” was used to specifically refer to yardwork as we had no idea what type of work he actually did. But one would think that he had all the time in the world and perhaps did not work at all, other than on the lawn. The house did not have much by way of flowers but the grass itself was immaculate. Always. In addition, I know that this immaculate lawn caused my best friend’s mother some strife. Living so close to the immaculate lawn was difficult for her as she could also be described as a “lawn person.” Whatever company she used, however, killed the lawn on purpose once a year for a period of a few weeks. I know this drove her crazy but she kept it up in the hopes of having an even better lawn when it came back? Anyway, these have been my experiences with lawn people and it was really interesting to read a more in-depth study of them and their culture. Other than the really scientific parts, I enjoyed the book.

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