Project ideas in more depth- Madeline

Smart Growth Cities:  I would like to look at a few examples of smart growth in action, such as projects in California, Colorado, and Florida that are described on the Sustainable Communities Network webpage.  My main interest is the principle of smart growth involving creating walkable communities.  This involves strategic urban planning as well as strategic transportational planning with a variety of transportation options.
sources for Smart Growth Cities:

Plan B 2.0, deals with all aspects of making cities more sustainable.. in particular a chapter on transportation is of great interest.

Austin, Texas‘s smart growth initiative… described on their website, they want to really pay attention to how and where the cities grows, enhance the tax base, and improve quality of life.

The Natural Resources Defense Council describes how smart growth can solve the problem of sprawl.

Transportation/bicycle initiatives:   If I were to develop this project idea I would look at things like carpool initiatives such as that in Philadelphia and initiatives to construct bicycle lanes and trails in cities.  In addition, I would tackle the subject of the planning that goes into these projects and the ways in which they are enforced.  Also, I look forward to researching where some of these projects are taking place and seeing if more of them are being developed currently.

sources for transportation/bicycle initiatives

Plan B 2.0, once again, deals directly with bicycle initiatives and this would be a good source to use as a jumping-off point to specific initiatives and projects around the world.

such as… in the Netherlands there are more than two bicycles per person, states the New York Times.

Smart Growth America talks about transportation and sprawl as well as simply more environmentally friendly transportation intiatives. Transportation oriented development, walking taking first priority, and bicycle friendly communities are all discussed.

Off the wall project idea:  American obesity and locational patterns… are there certain climatic factors that are involved? Environmental factors?

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