Project Ideas – Siobhan

1. I’d like to look at enviro- planning and architecture. Take a look at some of the “smart growth” projects that have been implemented and the effects they have or haven’t had.

2. I would like to look at the effects of the pet industry on the Environment. We always think of pets as being wonderful to have and non-harmful but how much waste and resources do they really use up?

3. A study into the E-Waste and where it’s going and how it’s harming those areas sounds fascinating. What kinds of chemical s are being released and how is it affecting people in the factories there?

4. I have a personal interest in eco-tourism and I’m curious to see what exactly the benefits are for the areas where tourists are visiting after they go home. The whole point is to inspire change, but is anything really happening.

5. Finally, My last is to look into organic farming. i haven’t determined what aspect of it would be most interesting, but It’s a work in progress.

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