Book Reaction: How to Be Idle

Tim Rosendaul


This book was really cool.  I enjoyed it a lot.  It was defiantly a change a pace for the class and thoughtful way to think about life.  This book gave me a lot of insight about the precious time of relaxing.  It’s been cool to read a book in college of how to be chill.  At times we forget that were always on the move and we don’t appreciate the time we get to relax.  I also enjoyed the part a lot when the author was talking about the most exhilarating moment in his life was when he was high on ecstasy and listening to music.  Even though I can’t relate to this truly, I do sense what he was talking about. I would defiantly keep this book for the course and continue to have this class at your house.  It ties the books theme perfectly into how we have class that week.

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