Wildfire Drives Carbon Levels In Northern Forests By: Tim Rosendaul

Week 11: Article 9 (11/07/2007)

Wildfire Drives Carbon Levels In Northern Forests

From: Science Daily (11/05/2007)


Scientists are studying how environmental factors like forest fires and climate influence it has on forest ecosystems. Forest ecosystems acts as one of the regulators in the carbon emissions leaked in the earth’s atmosphere.

The boreal forest is supposed be effected the most by the rising carbon emissions in the earth’s atmosphere. Boreal forests in the Northeast are supposed to experience more drastic rising temperatures than any other ecosystem.

Researchers have found that forest fires are the most significant problem to the rise of carbon emissions. The burning of forest puts more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere causing a rise in temperature in the area. They’re saying that the fires are causing a shift in balance with carbon emissions.

When a forest is burnt down, carbon is released into the atmosphere, which then impacts the decomposition of the soil. The soil begins to decompose all of the organic matter that is burnt, which in return puts more carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

Forest once know as being carbon eaters are becoming a source of carbon emissions. The destruction of forest lead to rises of levels in carbon emissions because there is no plant life to intake the excess carbon.

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