Scotts Lawn pollution around Marysville, OH

The town ‘motto’ for Marysville, OH, that stupid phrase written on all signs upon entering the town, goes something like “Marysville: Where the Grass is Greener.”

This was influenced by the arrival of Scotts. Before Honda, Marysville was a Scotts town. In High School and after High School, if anyone had any decent jobs they talked about 3 facilities: Honda, Nestle, and Scotts. These are the best companies in Marysville by popular opinion.

When I was growing up, however, Scotts was busted for some illegal dumping of hazardous chemicals:

Pollution around the company’s Marysville factory
Scotts’ officials describe the company as “a model environmental citizen”, yet Scotts has an appalling record of pollution around its Marysville factory in Ohio. The Marysville factory was opened in 1957, and from then until the mid-1990s the company dumped fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides that didn’t meet quality control criteria into landfills, lagoons and fields surrounding the site.[120] The chemicals stored in this way included DDT and chlordane, both known carcinogens suspected of a variety of other toxic effects.[121]

Another serious pollution incident occurred in 1993, when nitrogen-laden wastewater was sprayed on nearby farm fields, resulting in the death of 1,800 fish. In 1998, a neighbour reported to EPA that the company had been “pulling dead fish from their pond all day”. According to state inspectors, by the time they arrived on the scene, Scotts had already taken 1,000 to 2,000 dead fish to a landfill, making it impossible to determine what had killed them. Water samples collected the same day revealed levels of ammonia and several pesticides dangerous to humans in Crosses Run. The chemicals included dieldrin, endosulphan and heptachlor. The same year, the city of Columbus sent EPA a letter expressing concerns regarding high levels of nitrate and phosphorous contamination in the Scioto River. Water sampling traced the contamination back to the Scotts plant.[123]

In 2001, following four years of deliberations, the company finally came to agreement with the Ohio EPA, who had initiated an enforcement action against Scotts in 1997 regarding pollution from the site. The company agreed to pay a $275,000 fine and to undertake remediation activities on site.[124]” (Corporate Watch) Everything in the local papers seemed very hush-hush. Marysville doesn’t like to acknowledge its environmental hazards.


So, for a while I drove past this patch all the time on rt.33 . It was completely cleared one day, all vegetation and everything, sprayed and tarped over for at least 3 years. I found out later that it was an old Scotts dump for some very hazardous materials.


One Response to Scotts Lawn pollution around Marysville, OH

  1. Mike Kelley says:

    Ditto on the above. I have lived on the MIll Creek (river)down stream from OM Scotts, for the past 40 years. I can tell you of at least two occasions when 10s of thousands of dead fish flowed down stream. Talk about stink.

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