Trenton: More Reef Subway Cars By: Tim Rosendaul

Week 5: Article 4 (09/26/2007)

Trenton: More Reef Subway Cars

From: New York Times 09/18/2007


New Jersey has asked New York City for 600 decommissioned subway cars to be sunken off the coast to create artificial reefs to attract marine life. New Jersey has one of the largest artificial reef complexes in the world.

However recently in 2003, environmentalists warned people that using subway car’s as artificial reefs could be more harmful than helpful. The old subway cars could be leaching high levels of asbestos into the ocean when they disintegrate, but recently environmentalist have run test to prove that the asbestos aren’t a threat to the ecosystem.

Though it’s in good attention to develop new kinds of artificial reefs for marine life, it seems that most artificial reefs don’t work. For example, look at tire artificial reefs, it said that they cause more damage than good. These supposed helpful environments would create places for marine life to live, but instead is causing more problems.

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