Real project idea

My official project was on ecotourism and effects on the natural environment. I found that there is a lot of resources that deal with this issue. One of the problems that I came across was that there were no set conditions that made it qualify as ecotourism. The most interesting thing I leaded about ecotourism making it a better option then regular development but there are still many indirect and direct effects it has on the environment. I though that best way to go about researching the topic was to research your interest and use the resources from there to build the presentation. Some good advice is to start as early as possible, include as many different medias as possible to make it interesting, clear visual aids. And during the presentation slow down to talk clearly and look at the audience as much as possible. But the most important tip make sure to can continually express your excitement for your idea that people hearing it might enjoy it more even if the person may not like the topic. Leslie

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