Review for How to be idle

Reading Review: Week 10

How to be Idle 

I really enjoyed this book and thought that it fit in nicely reading it over spring break. It was a very easy read and a good change of pace after the harder reads like nature. This book shows that much of American society has to slow down and enjoy life before it passes us by. I really agree with lying around in bed, and I find myself doing this often. It is a time when I do a lot of my thinking and I know people or have heard of them who have pads a paper next to their bed to write down ideas when they come to them.

It feels really good sometimes to just sit back and do nothing but to enjoy your surroundings. This book gives something for a lot of college aged kids to relate to as some just do nothing on the weekends but it is a time to relax and recuperate. I found it interesting the way the book was presented as it depicted a 24-hour cycle of a guy’s life. I liked how Hodgkinson incorporated many philosophers into the book and described how Americans should go against the social norm to be idle. I feel more people should strive to get the most pleasure out of life no matter how that is, if it is by being idle or not.  


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