BoB reading

Reading Review: Week 11


Breakfast of Biodiversity 

This was a very informative book as it shed some light on the global problems that rainforests face and how politics come into play. This book presented a lot of facts that were helpful in understanding the background behind deforestation while remaining interesting, as it was not as thick and heavy with the facts like some of our previous books. It is interesting to learn what is affecting these rainforests, that it is not just large corporations but also a problem with poverty and the search for food. These areas are relief valves. The book brought to my attention a whole other field of study that I never really thought of: political ecology, as politics are ever increasing and needed for ecology to be effective in today’s society. The book gave some valuable insight into ecological problems plaguing the world and methods that can be done to solve them. This has been one of my favorite books so far and it deals with a very interesting but hotly debated topic.



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