The New York City Beaver


For the first time in almost two centuries, a North American beaver, which was once forced out of town by agricultural development and overeager fur traders, has returned to New York City. This citing is a testament to both the animal’s versatility and to an increasingly healthy Bronx River. Not to long ago, the Bronx River was used as a dumping ground for abandoned cars and rubber tires, but has been revitalized due to a huge clean-up effort.

The beaver’s return is marked by “gnawed tree stumps and the 12-foot-wide lodge — evidence that pointed to beavers, which are rarely seen in the wild because they tend to work at night and avoid people.” Biologists were able to video tape the beaver swimming in the river and is said to be “several feet long, two or three years old, and appeared to be a male in search of a mate.” The return of this beaver also shows that you cannot control nature and that if left alone, it will reestablish and organisms will re-colonize. This relates to our recent discussion and how we said that nature will reclaim the land over time on its natural course with out humans trying to introduce “native” animals.



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