Project Ideas – Jeff

I would like to investigate the use of biogas plants as an alternative source for home heating/cooking. I would look at their current use in India and how they are designed. Also what is the best type of “fuel” to put into these plants that basically produce methane gas that is piped into the home.

A second project Idea would be to investigate the plant and animal species that are present in North America to see if there are any native species remaining or if our current biota is all introduced from other places, in a sense all of the species would be invasive. Most of our crops that we plant in the U.S. are not native to this land and were developed some where else and then introduced into this continent.  Also see how species ranges/distributionshave changed over time given the interactions between humans.


One Response to Project Ideas – Jeff

  1. amandajapanda says:

    Last spring I volunteered with an organization in Honduras that works for sustainable agriculture, community health, and reforestation in the most rural parts of the country. I helped build a biogas digester, which I can tell you more about if you are interested (and I have photos). Essentially it is a huge plastic bag set at an angle, filled with farm and food refuse and animal and human waste, and the methane is piped out to power stoves (thereby replacing the extremely harmful and fuel-hungry traditional fireplaces). The solid that is produced is quite sterile and is replaced back on the fields as fertilizer. Easy to build and very effective; a great help to the farmers who implement them.

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