Jeff’s Response to the Meadowlands

I really enjoyed the book because I didn’t feel bogged down with a lot of facts, that it was just a combination of all the expeditions Sullivan had to the area. Also it opened my eyes to see that wilderness could be different for different people. It is in the eyes of the beholder. I never new that an old dump could be a nature experience to someone, but the book shows that as old as the meadow-lands are, they are so much to tell. Even being on old dump there is still life there. This area has been an attraction for outdoor TV shows because it holds a lot of wildlife mostly waterfowl and is situated just outside of New York city.

I also feel that the supplementary material went along very well with the book. I liked how Cronon expressed to us that wilderness is a human construct. There is no place in the U.S. that hasn’t been touch by humans. Most of the old growth forests are gone, and what we perceive as wilderness is just second growth. Humans also attach terms to anything in an attempt to describe it, and make it make sense for the human world. Wilderness is something humans build up so others have a place to visualize or go see. In fact, wilderness can be anything a person wants it to be. Just like the Meadow-lands; They were Sullivan’s wilderness and the place he missed the most when he wasn’t there. The meadows hold a lot of history and Sullivan attempted to learn about it and present it in a well organized fashion to the rest of the human world.


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