Google Earth

I really enjoy Google Earth so I decided to look fore placed in the book. I found
Moab, UT the town where Edward got his supplies. And the Cayonlands National Park, where Edward worked. It is hard to find very specific places from the book because the small valleys and trails do not have names that Google Earth recognizes. But you can look around the areas I have found and see if anything looks familiar.

The weblog does not let me post the actual files but ill give you the Longitude and latitude if you would like to look, and see how vast and desolate everything is good ahead, other than that I will bring them into class.

Moab, UT 38°34’20.21” N 109°33’.03.64”W

Cayonlands National Park 38°32’13.30”N 109°30’40.82”W

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