The Meadowlands – Review

I enjoyed the book very much. I found the book to evoke many questions about the definition of “wilderness”. The first day of class we discussed this definition, and most of us came to a general consensus about the definition, forest, wild, no people, etc. This book was a good choice for a first book because it was a good way to follow up on our discussion. After the idea of wilderness in our minds the book widened that initial definition to places that still fit our original definition but in an unusual way.

Personally I thought the chapters where the author went on an adventure were the most exciting and most enjoyable to read but; it was still interesting to ready about the bazaar history of the meadowlands area. Along with the book being entertaining I found it very educating, I did not know this place existed before reading this book and now I am curious to find out more. More of our population needs to be aware of areas like this that are treated with such disrespect. I’m sure most of the people of
New York City don’t know about what happens in the meadowlands or if it even exists. Personally I would to find out more about similar places closer to home and school.

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